Are your documents safe? We have the answer.

We understand the challenges of integrating paper and digital information, and help our clients address those challenges. Our team includes experienced health and subject-matter experts, information management professionals, HR professionals, logistics managers, business managers, strategic planners and privacy experts.

Secure Encrypted Document Conversion

Integrated Document Management Solutions

State-of-the-Art Physical Storage Facilities

Providing trusted technology leadership for over 25 years

A true commitment to leadership excellence

Since our inception, we have committed to a rigorous standard of innovation, privacy, security and confidentiality. Our physical storage facilities and data centres are secure, and our staff is trained to safeguard the physical properties, personal data records, human resource files, and organizational financial data in our care.

We Care. We-Cycle.

You can help us to work towards a happier and healthier future. The Salumatics We-Cycle program supports social responsibility through its shredding and recycle program.

Bring your documents for destruction. We make it affordable! All proceeds help support The Salumatics Foundations’ amazing initiatives and make a difference in our community.

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