Who We Are

At Salumatics, we have been providing trusted technology leadership, data management and information security solutions for over 25 years. Our primary focus has always been client needs, and we understand that no two challenges are same; this is why we tailor flexible, secure, and innovative solutions.

Going completely paperless can be a challenging task for most firms. Paper records are inevitable, at times. However, with Salumatics, you will use paper less.

Our team includes experienced health and subject-matter experts, information management professionals, HR professionals, logistics managers, business managers, strategic planners, and privacy experts.

Less Paper. More Space.

Salumatics aims to reduce the paper load on hospitals, and thus, we built a comprehensive data management and information security system. This allows our clients to access their data from anywhere, at any time, thereby saving time, money and space.

We believe providing solutions while leveraging our vast knowledgebase is key. As technology evolves, our commitment remains the same; to empower collaboration and make information accessible. Our motto at Salumatics is simple – we automate your efforts, so you don’t have to duplicate them.

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Committed to Excellence

Our values reflect who we are, and we are committed to excellence.

We believe in working smarter. This is why we have streamlined and customized processes in place, alongside rigorous standards of innovation, privacy and security. We work alongside our clients to find a solution to their data management challenges.

Delivering Exceptional Service Through Innovation

We know that our clients have multiple, often competing information management goals.

Our years of experience coupled with our vast knowledgebase guides us in creating and delivering unmatched solutions for all your information security and management needs.

When you have an information management challenge, you can be assured that Salumatics can provide the right solution for you.

Let's do something amazing together.