AI For Digital Business Transformation

Salumatics combines AI with data and analytics to give you actual intelligence, enabling you to transform your business.

Our team of industry-leading professionals evaluate your business needs and requirements, facilitating the development of the right solution for you, hence streamlining any function you require.

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Make Your Vision A Reality

Our team provides automation, strategic business services consulting, as well as specialized services to help you achieve more. Additionally, we evaluate your business process in order to create an adaptive approach which will enhance workflows, data metrics, and employee efficiency allowing for clear growth trajectories. Salumatics can help you leverage your existing business assets by not only roadmapping projects, but also assisting you with data migration and management. Together with us, you can achieve your business goals.

Utilizing our vast experience of over 25 years to provide you with custom solutions in various fields including:

  • Information integration
  • Managed services
  • R&D
  • Cost risk mitigation
  • Privacy and security

Actual Intelligence, Applied

Salumatics has the business intelligence, knowledge, and
experience, coupled with the tools, such as Hubspot and
Microsoft Dynamics 365 among others, to enable systems
automation. We create functional systems that do the work for you,
so you can focus on growing your business. Be it transitional
services, digitization, strategic planning, business integrations,
or any other aspect of your business, our team will build a
solution that fits your needs.
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Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

When you choose Salumatics’ professional services, you allow yourself to focus on your existing business, while we focus on improving it. Our automation and AI services enable the creation of seamless end-to-end solutions in order to facilitate business integrations and transitions. This helps you identify new opportunities and seize them, while scaling your business. Our professional services help you redefine what’s possible. Some benefits of using AI in your business are:

  • Decrease turn-around times: Our technology expertise and business integration enables you to boost your productivity. This ensures that you complete tasks faster, and as a result, reduce turn-around times.
  • Reducing operational cost: Automating multiple business processes allows you to allocate your human resource to a more productive area of your business. This reduces your operational costs, enabling you to use your resources more productively.
  • Get the most out of your efforts: Our years of experience helps us build the right fit for you. Our custom solutions are designed to align with your business goals.

Our team can also help you with business management by building and pivoting key strategic business processes in your organization.

Salumatics Professional Services Can Help You Do More.

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