Salumatics Inc. proudly launches the We-Cycle program, a program that lets you recycle and make a difference. We offer heavily subsidized secure document destruction services and donate all proceeds to charity. 

It’s more than just secure destruction. The We-Cycle program supports important causes such as funding cancer research, supporting mental health organizations and helping the environment. 

“We’re excited about our We-Cycle program and we have a great group of sponsors. We’d love you to join us and get involved and have some great exposure at our events. Let’s We-Cycle together,” says Salumatics’ Chief Executive Officer Dave Machika. 

Salumatics provides cost-effective and secure document destruction services to help businesses. 

“It’s not expensive – because we want to get you recycling and raising money for our charity partners. It really is the best kind of win/win scenario,” says Machika. 

It is only $4.95 per bankers box you provide and $8.95 for a bankers box we provide, which is a lot less knowing that the average price of a bankers box is around $60. 

Our storage facilities utilize the most advanced technology and warehouse systems lets us provide secure document destruction services as well as other disposal services.

Our program also encourages everyone to actively participate in various cycling activities. People can either join our cycling team and ride with us as we support local charities such as Enbridge® Ride to Conquer Cancer® or simply make a tax-deductible donation directly to one of our We-Cycle programs. Businesses also have the choice to become one of our corporate sponsors and get their logo on our jerseys, event emails, website and so much more.

To learn more about the We-Cycle program and our affordable document destruction services, click here

About Salumatics Inc.

For over 25 years, Salumatics Inc has been offering trusted and secure technology solutions for physical storage, document conversion and professional services for businesses and organizations. We believe in flexible, secure and innovative solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Since our inception, we have been committed to setting a high standard of innovation, privacy, security, and confidentiality. We know that our clients have multiple information management goals that are imposed by economic pressures and compounded by growing statutory and regulatory demands, which is why Salumatics provides our resources, knowledge, experience, tools and innovative approach to help our clients achieve their goals.