In a conversation between ClearDATA and the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO) for Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, they explore the many reasons why it is important to ask “why” in digital transformation and hospital records management. 

In the last 20 years, there has been a huge advancement in technology from cell phones to new MedTech. Professionals have changed the way they worked to better use technology to support businesses and even healthcare facilities. 

Steve Wretling, the CTIO, states that the sets of processes in technology are interconnected, which drove him to start diving deeper into the “why” behind it all to get to a holistic view of technology and digital transformation that proved to be very powerful in problem-solving.

In their conversation, they discuss how healthcare IT can obsess on, to ask why hospitals are using digital and hospital records management systems in a certain way. He shares his view about the on-premise challenges healthcare has faced in the past, which led us to focus on commodities of storage rather than innovating new solutions with new cloud opportunities. 

When healthcare facilities can standardize data and enable APIs by creating a centralized and hospital records management system, it will lead to a more useable and accessible approach to medical and personal health data. In turn, it will provide professionals with better insights into why things are happening the way they are so they can work to get in front of everything from chronic care to helping patients maintain wellness and live healthy lives.

According to their discussion, there has been a huge shift in healthcare from hospitals-based care out to the patient home, which has increased success thanks to and records management companies. Home-based care results in improved mental and physical health for the patient and lower costs and better outcomes for the provider. However, to do so, facilities must have the right technology to deliver and meet those needs.

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