A commercial paper shredding service can help businesses protect their sensitive data, client records, employee information, and other confidential information. While privacy should be a top priority at all companies, a shredding company can benefit a business in several other ways. Shredding can help any business reduce liability, increase productivity, help the environment, and save your organization money. 

How can a simple thing like shredding greatly benefit your business?

Companies can indeed buy a simple shredder for their office, but shredding takes up a lot of time and money. Rather than wasting valuable time removing staples, straightening up stacks of paper, feeding paper through a shredding machine, and disposing shredded paper, businesses should be using that time elsewhere, such as generating revenue for their business. A commercial paper shredding service enables staff to be more productive with their time by discarding old documents in banker boxes while the rest of the destruction process is handled for them. 

Office shredders are expensive and take up a lot of space. Businesses must also purchase disposal bags, replace inoperable equipment and pay other utility expenses to complete the shredding process. On the other hand, destruction services cost less than $5 a box. As an added bonus, the space a shredder would have taken up could be used for more revenue-generating products. 

Every company has a legal obligation to keep their clients and employees’ privacy safe. At the same time, they need to protect the company from privacy and identity breaches. To do so, a company must shred their documents in order to minimize all security risks. Many laws regulate and enforce standards for maintaining information privacy during the disposal process. In the end though, companies that go out of the way to protect their customers will generate more sales as they become a trusted business.

Most commercial paper shredding providers give businesses a Certificate of Destruction so that they are ensured that the provider has met all privacy requirements and standards outlined in information privacy laws. Professional shredding services also protect a business’ reputation by following a strict procedure and process to make sure their information is not leaked to the public. 

Moreover, an organization using such a service can proudly state that they help the environment in the way they conduct business. Recycling shredded paper keeps the landfills from filling up sooner than they should, allowing them to be used for trash that cannot be recycled for a longer period of time. Plus, a shredding provider also saves trees from being used for new paper products. The environmental benefits are numerous.

Lastly, a commercial paper shredding service recycles wastepaper after the destruction process without compromising confidentiality. The shredding and recycling process takes place in a secure, closed building. The documents are also tracked so businesses can be well-assured that their documents are protected throughout the collection, destruction, paper baling, and recycling process.

All businesses can acknowledge that commercial paper shredding will greatly benefit them, which is why Salumatics goes above and beyond to provide heavily subsidized services. To learn more about Salumatics’ document destruction services, click here.