Office employee working with documents at table, closeup

Businesses need to invest in physical document storage services; however, many may be deterred after looking at the cost. At Salumatics, we believe that businesses shouldn’t have to pay extravagant rates for records management, which is why we offer many affordable packages.

Even though we offer many affordable deals, there are still other ways to cut your monthly bill.

The two factors that add to your physical records management costs are labour and fuel. So, if our drivers spend a lot of time searching for files or driving to and from a business, then the client’s records management costs will be higher. If we’re able to deliver the same service or achieve a client’s goal in a more cost-efficient way, then that’s a saving that we can pass on.

Instead of storing the documents you no longer need, clear out your office by shredding everything unnecessary. By securely shredding your sensitive files, you can cut storage costs while saving the time it takes to pile archive documents into boxes. Regularly clearing out old documents will help you save a lot of money in the long term.

Another way to cut physical document storage costs is by investing in document conversion. By scanning paper documents and keeping them on a digital cloud, your business can save space and physical document storage costs. It’s also more efficient to access a document on the cloud than getting the file delivered to your business. Salumatics can help your business convert its paper files into a digital document.

Cataloguing files, and knowing exactly what file is in which box, is essential for businesses. This way it is easier for our staff to find that document and deliver it to you. It also allows the client to get their documents quicker, while the cost is cheaper since there was less staff time spent rooting around for your file. It is easy to find yourself storing documents that you could easily dispose of. Again, there is no point in keeping such files and wasting time cataloguing documents that are best shredded.

Another way to lower costs is to order in batches. Delivering multiple boxes costs the same amount in driving time and fuel as delivering single files, which means that it is more cost-effective to place a single order for multiple items than multiple orders for single documents. Businesses can also order in advance to allow our team to efficiently gather the materials you need with more organization.

Lastly, businesses can ask about or research Salumatics’ affordable physical document storage and records management services. Our team can also provide solutions to make our services cheaper for your company. For example, the urgent delivery of a single document costs a lot more than a van full of boxes. It is also wiser to invest in document conversion rather than delivering important files. If you need any advice on how to manage your documents, we’re here to help.

The Salumatics team uses the most advanced technologies and logistics expertise to track, monitor, climate-control, and are fully secure your documents. If you need interactive file access, our team can scan and store each file and make document access and retrieval fully available online. Click here or get a free quote to start your physical document storage project.