As you may know, information is the most valuable asset to every single company, which means it’s crucial to manage that information effectively. Many companies have various documents, receipts, and important records that need to be stored. When a company has old files that must be kept, they can use a record storage facility to hold their information safely.

In fact, there are many benefits to storing your records in an offsite storage facility: secure safekeeping of all important records, locating important records quickly, securing all confidential data, properly storing all paper documents (protecting them from water or fire damage), producing digital documents for backup and much more.

As an added bonus, businesses who use a record storage facility use the saved space for more productive things such as revenue-producing items. An offsite record storage facility is a great way to eliminate stacks of paper from your office space while still being able to retain paper copies of your documents.

When looking for a storage facility, make sure to research into profitable businesses that are insured, bonded, and fire suppressed. The facility should not store hazardous or flammable materials. As a business, you can ask the facility for references to ensure you pick the right record storage facility. The facility will then provide information into the services that suit your company and solutions for your storage situation.

The right storage facility will mark your records with a barcode that will be used to track your documents in real time. They should also be able to provide your documents back when needed, on a regular basis, or destroyed on site if necessary. You should be well-assured that your documents are kept confidential throughout the entire process, and trust that the facility will properly handle them without wasting any of your employee’s valuable time. Your files must be kept in a climate-controlled area to preserve them, regardless of how long you are storing them. The facility must be prepared for any natural disaster so you have peace of mind that your documents are safe even in a hurricane or earthquake. Lastly, the facility should have 24-hour security and extra safety measures in place so your information is properly maintained.

If you are looking for a reputable record storage facility, Salumatics offers many professional packages at an affordable rate. Our team uses the most advanced technologies and logistics expertise to track, monitor, climate-control, and are fully secure your documents. Whether you are looking to store, retrieve, return, access, or dispose of your documents, Salumatics guarantees that they have the right logistics expertise to meet and exceed your business goals. Our storage facilities have advanced technology and systems that allow you to access records when you need them. Our team barcodes, scans, and places your boxes on advanced racking that ensures they are tracked and searchable. If you need interactive file access, our team can scan and store each file and make document access and retrieval fully online.

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