Many businesses and organizations have come to understand that digital documents can save them time and money. Choosing a document scanning solutions company to deliver a service that meets a company’s specific needs is much easier than self-scanning. 

Companies should look at the provider’s experience and expertise when choosing a service, which is more important than a provider with the right technology and equipment. The provider should be willing to offer a package and service customized to each business’ unique requirements. Document scanning professionals who have the expertise to understand records and information management and the specific industry will provide real solutions that support a company’s long-term document management needs. To determine if a provider is the best fit, ask them for references from clients within the same industry. 

For example, Salumatics knows that converting sensitive information, documents and records requires both expertise and experience in managing information across a variety of formats. The company can convert more than 10 million documents per month using state-of-the-art high-speed scanners and customized workflow process technology. Salumatics has worked with a variety of companies for over two decades, converting sensitive information for over two decades with the right training, documentation and quality validation.

It’s also important to research what services a document scanning solution company offers. Some providers simply scan documents and provide them in a CD format, while other providers offer different document imaging services that make records management faster and easier. Again, companies should look for a provider that offers customized imaging solutions. The best providers offer electronic document management software (EDMS) to store and organize a company’s files. This type of document workflow automation enables fast desktop retrieval, simultaneous user access, and other capabilities to streamline the workflow process and increase efficiency. 

As an example, Salumatics operates a Tier II data center offering data hosting, backup & recovery, and access to SaluVision, an EDMS application. The Salumatics data center provides multiple concurrent client users with secure and instant access to their data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Lastly, the best document scanning solution company offers various methods for verifying that all information has been captured accurately and meets strict quality standards while focusing on security measures. The provider must conduct various quality assurance checks throughout the scanning process. While conducting such tests, they must also make sure they take privacy protection seriously. Documents that are scanned locally are more secure than ones that are shipped overseas to a third party. The right company should retrieve, scan and store documents in a facility with security monitoring systems. Scanning specialists must also be trained and screened before being hired. 

Specifically, Salumatics’ staff are specifically trained in privacy and security requirements and undergo pre-employment security and criminal record screening. The team follows proven protocols in the secure handling of sensitive client information, documents, and records. Following conversion, Salumatics disposes and/or destroys confidential information as per the clients’ instructions and regulatory requirements.

Knowing what questions to ask will help any company choose a document scanning solutions company that provides customized services and the best conversion options for their business.

Here are some quick questions to ask a provider to ensure you choose the best one: 

  • Can the provider customize their services to meet your business needs?
  • How does the provider convert your business’ scanned documents? (In which format? )
  • Do they scan on-site or off-site? (Are you sure they have security measures to protect your important documents?) 
  • Is the scanning company and its employees credible and trustworthy? 
  • Does the company follow privacy and data security compliance laws?

Salumatics offers customized packages to help businesses grow. To learn more about Salumatics as a document scanning solution company, click here, contact one of our representatives or reach out to our team on social media