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Identify theft is the intentional use of someone else’s identity, usually a method to gain financial advantage or obtain credit in another person’s name. Unfortunately, it is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country, spurred on by technological advancements that make it easier than ever.But, there are many steps you can take to prevent this from happening to you.

In the past, it was assumed that once sensitive documents were tossed into the trash, they were out of sight and out of mind. The reality now is that modern times have created new risk factors when it comes to stealing sensitive information and exploiting people. As a result, it has become imperative to pursue professional document destruction services. Salumatics’ We-Cycle program is more than happy to assist.

Shredding Confidential Documents

After collecting all of your sensitive documents, bring them to our We-Cycle drop-off and let our team of professionals handle the rest.

What Documents Can I Shred To Prevent Identity Theft?

  • W-2 forms, paycheck stubs, and tax-related documents
  • Bank statements and ATM receipts
  • Canceled checks
  • Old credit card statements
  • Expired warranty documents
  • Utility bills, insurance documents, and old household receipts
  • Old credit card receipts
  • Personal documents and images

What Documents Should I Hold Onto?

Certain documents shouldn’t be destroyed such as powers of attorney, marriage documents, wills, divorce papers, birth certificates, investment papers, income tax returns, trust documents, business agreements, worksheets, income tax payment checks, military records, and/or childcare orders.

No matter your needs, Salutmatics is proud to offer a secure solution for all of your document destruction needs. We are fully insured, compliant with regulations, and offer a personalized certificate of destruction for everything we shred.

To learn more about Salumatics’ We-Cycle program, please click here. We-Cycle is cost effective and secure document shredding you can count on, and trusted by some of Canada’s largest corporations and healthcare providers.