Hospitals manage and organize a wide array of medical records daily. Over time, this becomes a challenging task with a negative effect on the hospital’s efficiency. Here are the results of a local hospital effectively implementing a customized electronic document management system (EDMS) with the help of Salumatics, which immediately saw an improvement in its efficiency. 

Increased Productivity

By utilizing the EDMS, this hospital was able to reduce the time it took to access patient files. As a result, they could easily type specific search terms since  each electronic form has a unique identifier. Healthcare administrators were able to search a patient’s name and immediately retrieve their medical records, helping streamline the process. This also meant they could focus on other relevant activities around the hospital.

Helps Eliminate Human Error

The hospital was able to reduce the number of lost or misplaced files by going digital. They saw a significant difference in the reduction of clutter and were able to eliminate mistakes in regards to improper dosages. By going digital, all of the information a healthcare administrator requires is organized and right in front of them, ensuring they aren’t mindlessly flipping through clutteredpaper while finding patient information. The hospital was also able to eliminate human error that occurs when there’s too much unorganized information in one place.

Improvement in Patient Satisfaction

After implementing the EDMS approach, this hospital noticed how its physicians and administrators had more time to devote to patient care. They were also able to help solve the patients’ concerns more quickly due to faster retrieval times.

Enhanced Collaboration

The stored documents became easier to retrieve and modify, which helped minimize duplicates and older versions of content in the system. Collaborative features also enabled multiple users to view, retrieve, and/or update documents at the same time.