Commercial document shredding is a safe solution to securely dispose of confidential documents or other commercial information. Of course, businesses and corporations can choose to shred their documents by themselves with a paper shredding machine or hire a specialized commercial document shredding company. 

A shredding service can save your business time, especially since most businesses have a high volume of documents that need to be securely shredded. A commercial paper shredding company knows that every business has massive stacks of documents that need to be shredded, which cannot be done with their office paper shredder. The company will shred all documents in a professional, industrial shredder, turning them into unreadable particles instead of long strips. Essentially, commercial paper shredding companies better protect businesses while saving them time. 

Paper shredders that can be bought at most stores come in all kinds of sizes and varieties. It is important to choose a cross-cut or micro-cut paper shredder. These shredders produce small paper particles and are more reliable in making sure confidential documents cannot be read after shredding. It is also important to choose a heavy-duty shredder that can shred large amounts of documents at a fast pace without recurring paper-jams and at a continuous run-time. However, such shredders can be expensive and take up space, which is why it may be beneficial to think about a shredding company. Plus, shredding takes up a lot of time that can be used to meet business objectives. 

Businesses must choose a reliable shredding company that can be trusted with their confidential documents and sensitive data. At Salumatics, security and our clients are our top priorities. Our staff is trained in privacy and security requirements, and undergo pre-employment security and criminal record screening.

Commercial document shredding companies offer a variety of services such as one-time paper shredding, where companies choose to annually clean-out old documents and records at one-time for a fixed cost. Companies can also choose to shred their documents regularly at a fixed schedule or when a business informs the company to shred their documents. Either way, it is recommended that the company collects and store their waste paper in secure and lockable containers, such as a bankers box. These security containers are specially designed to hold paper without the chance of it getting into the wrong hands. Salumatics provides companies and individuals with subsidized boxes to better support its local industry.

It is beneficial for a company to think about commercial document shredding to protect their clients and employee information from being leaked as well as protect all of its sensitive company data. Any documents that contains confidential information should be shredded and then disposed of for recycling. 

After the shredding process is complete, document shredding companies will make sure that the waste is recycled. The raw material is then disposed of and used in the tissue industry. 

Though this article focuses on commercial document shredding, most residential customers will also need to shred their documents to securely destroy their information, even if it is just a single sheet of paper with highly sensitive data. That’s why Salumatics offers highly subsidized paper destruction services while also helping the environment and charities. 

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