Physician writing (secure record storage)

Medical facilities and hospitals must stay up to date on the latest regulations for record management, meaning they must invest in secure record storage. 

Security and the client’s personal information must be one of the facility’s top priorities. According to record retention regulations, practices must securely store records, shred documents to maintain confidentiality, securely destroy electronics, encrypt data, use strong passwords and limit access to authorized users. 

On-site secure record storage is beneficial for clinics with a small number of patients since their files will be stored right at the location. However, it is extremely important to have someone manage and organize all records if a facility chooses this method. 

On the other hand, offsite secure record storage means that the medical records are stored at a different location other than the facility to ensure the security and safety of all documents. Offsite storage is beneficial for practices that have a large number of documents. When choosing to go the offsite storage route, practices can also invest in a document conversion package to store all medical records on a cloud server. Document conversion is not only the most convenient way to store records, but also allows practices to access records anytime, anywhere. It also makes organizing and retrieving documents very easy.

Once a practice’s files have been digitally converted, they are stored in the cloud. Cloud data secure record storage has become the more popular option in healthcare with the rise of technology and as the general stigma of off-site storage has worn off. It is the preferred choice for healthcare back-office applications, backup and disaster recovery, revenue cycle management and patient engagement. Storing clinical data in the cloud gives users more access to collaborate and modify necessary information. It also saves the organization money as it allows them to purchase more storage space rather than investing in additional on-premise servers. They can also use the freed-up space for more revenue-generating products. 

According to a survey from HIMSS Analytics, large hospitals (500 or more beds) reported using cloud data while offsite storage was the most popular choice among hospitals with less than 500 beds. Salumatics has the right package for any facility that chooses offsite or cloud data secure record storage. Our team offers many professional packages at an affordable rate. We use the most advanced technologies and logistics expertise to track, monitor, climate-control and  fully secure your documents. Our storage facilities have advanced technology and systems that allow you to access records when you need them. Our team barcodes, scans and places your boxes on advanced racking that ensures they are not mishandled and are tracked and searchable. If you need interactive file access, our team can scan and store each file and make document access and retrieval fully online.

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