Recycle and Make a Difference

The road to a healthier planet begins by caring for both your community and the environment. We-Cycle helps by offering environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, secure document destruction.

Cost-Effective Document Shredding

Stability, cost, and security matters to us. That’s why the We-Cycle program is trusted by Canada’s largest corporations and leading healthcare providers. Our experience in providing safe and secure document destruction is unmatched.

Retail Drop Off

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3250 Ridgeway Drive, Unit 13
Mississauga, Ontario
L5L 5Y6

Monday – Friday  9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday – Sunday 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

We understand that some jobs are bigger than others, which is why we have a fleet of drivers that can pick up documents on your behalf; whether you need a one-time removal or are looking to schedule regular pickups at your company’s office.

Our Document Destruction Process

The Right Technology

All of our storage facilities utilize advanced technology and warehouse systems. This starts with our barcodes, allowing us to track your documents from the time they leave your possession until the time they leave ours.

The Right People

Once boxes are barcoded, they are scanned and placed on advanced racking that ensures they are not mishandled. Our team is rigorously trained on document care, so you know your records are in the right hands.

The Right Cause

It’s more than just secure destruction. Once your paper has been destroyed, it will be supporting The Salumatics Foundations’ amazing initiatives and make a difference in our community.

One Box. One Tree.

For every We-Cycle box sold, Salumatics plants 1 tree with the help of One Tree Planted, a charitable organization focused on reforesting the planet.

Our partnership with them ensures that our environmental efforts extend beyond our doors. One Tree Planted wants to make a positive environmental impact one tree at a time, and by using our We-Cycle program, you can help us give back to the planet. It’s all part of Salumatics’ effort in creating a greener, more environmentally friendly way to do business.

Check out to learn more about how you can make a difference.

The Impact We-Cycle Has Had

The We-Cycle program supports important causes like funding cancer research and supporting MS programs and mental health organizations. We have teamed up with great charities, including the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

It’s not expensive – because we want to get you recycling and support The Salumatics Foundation by raising money. It really is the best kind of win/win scenario.

We’re excited about our We-Cycle program and have a great group of sponsors. We’d love for you to join us and get involved. Let’s We-Cycle together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Retail Program Questions

Do I have to make an appointment to bring in my boxes?

No appointment necessary! Just bring your boxes to any of our Retail Drop-Off locations. Find your nearest location here!

Can I bring my documents in any sized box?

We only accept standard Bankers Boxes (approx. 16” L x 12” W x 10” H) in good condition (not falling apart) with handles & lids.
*If your documents are not in a bankers box;You can purchase bankers boxes from us for $8.95 + tax/each which includes the cost of destruction. We have space for you to transfer your paper into the box(es) you purchased.

Can I watch my documents get destroyed?

No. Our shredding process takes place in a secure, access-controlled area that is not open to the public. Rest assured, because we work with Hospitals, Medical organizations and the HR departments of some of Canada’s largest corporations, your documents will be destroyed in line with the strictest of security requirements.

Do I get a certificate of destruction when my documents are destroyed?

Your documents are processed in larger batches with enterprise clients. This allows us to provide a low cost, subsidized service benefiting charities. For this reason, we are unable to provide certificates of destruction on an individual box by box basis.

Why are your prices so low when compared to other shredding services?

Other shredding services are primarily focused on profits. The Salumatics We-Cycle Program was designed to give back and make an impact in the local community. Our services are subsidized with the intention of providing more funds to local charities and making a bigger difference.

Will you come to pick up my documents?

We have a team of drivers and a fleet of trucks that can pick up documents. Whether you need a one-time removal or are looking to schedule regular pickups at your company’s office. Get an estimate!

Do you offer onsite mobile shredding?

No, onsite mobile shredding equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain. This would increase the cost of destruction, directly reducing the funds that would go to charity.

Is there a limit to how many boxes of paper I can shred?

No, we can shred as many bankers boxes as you have to destroy. Bring them to one of or retail drop off locations or call us to schedule a pickup.

Can I buy boxes to take home with me so I can fill them up with paper & then return them to be destroyed later?

Yes, you can purchase boxes from us for $8.95 each + tax. Take them home with you and fill them up at your own pace. Once full, just drop them off at one of our retail locations.

Do you shred electronics including CDs, hard drives and other computer parts?

No. We only shred general office items that are mostly made of paper. Documents, folders, binders, books, manuals and the like. Staples, paperclips, metal rings and plastic coverings from binders do not need to be removed in advance of shredding.