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Did you know, 55 per cent of organizations feel that their transformation to a digital document management system have saved them money and boosted productivity; 53 per cent say the digital document management system has improved information sharing and collaboration. 

According to one AIIM journalist, digital document management system requires organizations to focus differently but in the end, organizations will become more efficient. 

“Information is the currency that fuels and funds innovation, process improvements, and organizational performance,” states Kevin Craine in his article about the six steps to a digital transformation. 

Many people can agree that an organization’s information is its most valuable asset. It is one of the few factors that can lead to a better experience, business agility, operational excellence and automation. However, getting to a point of a well-organized system that holds all of your organization’s information may be harder than it seems. 

“Traditional information management technologies and approaches are under pressure from the exploding volumes and diversity of information. Big data forces are pushing the information and records management infrastructure in most organizations to a breaking point, leading to challenges in organizational performance and even disruption in business,” says Craine. 

There are many ways you can build a digital document management system that will improve the way your organization functions. 

To do so, there are six key areas to consider:

  • Modernize information infrastructure.
  • Protect information assets.
  • Take advantage of cloud and mobile.
  • Digitize core business processes.
  • Automate governance and compliance.
  • Leverage deep learning and machine learning capabilities.

However, we understand that there’s a lot to do when running an organization and many cannot afford to hire another employee to digitize their information.  

That’s why Salumatics is here to help, Salumatics provides data transformation solutions to allow our clients to securely access and manage their information. With our physical storage service, Salumatics stores your important documents while letting you focus on other areas. Our Tier II data center offers data hosting, backup, and recovery and access to SaluVision, an electronic document management application. SaluVision removes any barrier to data accessibility while providing instant access to critical information 24/7. All of this allows businesses to have a digital document management system that fits their needs.

About Salumatics Inc.

For over 25 years, Salumatics Inc has been offering trusted and secure technology solutions for physical storage, document conversion and professional services for businesses and organizations. We believe in flexible, secure and innovative solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Since our inception, we have been committed to setting a high standard of innovation, privacy, security, and confidentiality. We know that our clients have multiple information management goals that are imposed by economic pressures and compounded by growing statutory and regulatory demands, which is why Salumatics provides our resources, knowledge, experience, tools and innovative approach to help our clients achieve their goals.