It is a well-known fact that all businesses and corporations, no matter the size, store sensitive information. Even when shifting to storing data electronically, many businesses still keep paper files. Whether it’s client documents, employee human resource files, payroll records or credit card information, it is important to either store such confidential files in a private and secure place or shred them. But why is it so important to shred your confidential documents? 

Here are the top four reasons why businesses should think about document shredding: 

4. Legal Implications

Many laws govern businesses when it comes to protecting client and employee information, which is why it should be one of the top priorities for all businesses. Many laws explicitly state that certain businesses must take reasonable efforts to dispose of such information. If failed to do so, businesses are subject to severe liabilities.  

The Data Protection Act also states that confidential waste, such as medical records, salary details, or personal address details must be legally disposed of correctly. Thus, companies must shred such documents before throwing them out. 

A data breach, the intentional or unintentional release of secure or private/confidential information to an untrusted environment, presents a legal risk to one’s company but also their reputation. If sensitive information is given to an untrusted source, it can harm one’s name and well-earned reputation if that sensitive information is leaked to the public.

Not only does document shredding comply with various laws, it also gives businesses peace of mind; this way they know people are not going through their trash or landfills to find sensitive information about their business. 

3. Limited Physical Storage Space

It is a simple fact that paper takes up a lot more space than digital files. Not only do bundles of files pose a potential hazard, but they also require big, bulky filing cabinets to store them. By switching to digital files, businesses can save space by discarding their paperwork while making their work environment more efficient. Companies who have old and no longer needed documents should also think of discarding their files even if they do not want to think about document conversion. Properly disposing of files can save space in an office, clear up desk space, and make a workplace cleaner. Not to mention paper stacked around the office is the perfect fuel for a fire. So rather than waiting for a potential disaster, document shredding can keep a company safe and secure.  

2. A Greener Environment

Simply put, document shredding has a positive impact on the environment. How? Rather than throwing papers in the trash where they will stay for a long time, companies can help make the world a little greener by recycling paper to conserve natural resources, save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and keep landfill space free for other types of trash that can’t be recycled. Companies can highlight their green credentials by recycling paper to show their clients and competitors that they care about the environment. Shredded documents can be delivered to a recycling point or collected by a company that provides document shredding services, such as Salumatics. 

1. Information Theft and Confidentiality

According to a recent article written by MSN, identity theft affects 11 million people a year, at a cost of $54 billion. 

A company has important information about its customers, clients, and employees, such as credit card numbers, addresses, contact information, salary, and other data, which it makes it an easy target for identity theft. When such information gets into the hands of an untrustworthy source, they can deliberately use someone else’s identity to gain a financial advantage or obtain credit and other benefits in that person’s name; this is identity theft.

Identity theft is becoming a common crime with criminals searching through rubbish bins to extract personal information about others, which is why it is crucial for companies to properly discard documents since it is easier for criminals to attack such places. A business is a crucial player in minimizing this concerning statistic by securely discarding their confidential documents. 

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