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Study Proves Many Businesses Are Not Prepared for Cybersecurity Threats

While digitalization is on the rise, many businesses and Canadian employees do not feel prepared for the challenges and threats that are unique to cybersecurity. According to a survey by The Digital Citizen, 60 per cent of employees have not received cybersecurity training even though data breaches and attacks are on the rise. Scalar Decisions…

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Four Reasons Why Businesses Should Think About Document Shredding

It is a well-known fact that all businesses and corporations, no matter the size, store sensitive information. Even when shifting to storing data electronically, many businesses still keep paper files. Whether it’s client documents, employee human resource files, payroll records or credit card information, it is important to either store such confidential files in a…

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Professional Services You Should Always Outsource

Outsourcing refers to the practice of hiring a third party to complete specific business-related tasks such as handling operations and/or providing services. There are several recognized advantages for outsourcing that aren’t limited to assisting start-up businesses. This article discusses key services a business should consider outsourcing to Salumatics. By leveraging our knowledge and expertise, digital…

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Here’s Why Businesses Should Think About Document Scanning

Document scanning involves converting paper documents into digital images. Businesses are switching to electronic document management as a way to cut costs, increase productivity and improve access to information.  For a business or corporation to scan in-house, they require scanners, software, and an organized management system. They would also have to train or hire staff…

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Identity Theft Prevention

Identify theft is the intentional use of someone else’s identity, usually a method to gain financial advantage or obtain credit in another person’s name. Unfortunately, it is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country, spurred on by technological advancements that make it easier than ever.But, there are many steps you can take to…

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A Guide to Commercial Document Shredding

Commercial document shredding is a safe solution to securely dispose of confidential documents or other commercial information. Of course, businesses and corporations can choose to shred their documents by themselves with a paper shredding machine or hire a specialized commercial document shredding company.  A shredding service can save your business time, especially since most businesses…

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How a Commercial Paper Shredding Service Can Benefit Your Business

A commercial paper shredding service can help businesses protect their sensitive data, client records, employee information, and other confidential information. While privacy should be a top priority at all companies, a shredding company can benefit a business in several other ways. Shredding can help any business reduce liability, increase productivity, help the environment, and save…

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Office Paper Shredder – The safety issues it poses

If you have encountered an office setting, it is likely that you have seen an office paper shredder. They seem to be the perfect solution to the ever-growing pile of paper that you have stashed away in your office or your home, but are they? They pose multiple threats to an organization that you might…

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How to Choose the Right Document Scanning Solutions Company

Many businesses and organizations have come to understand that digital documents can save them time and money. Choosing a document scanning solutions company to deliver a service that meets a company’s specific needs is much easier than self-scanning.  Companies should look at the provider’s experience and expertise when choosing a service, which is more important…

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Local Hospital Improves Efficiency By Utilizing Our EDMS

Hospitals manage and organize a wide array of medical records daily. Over time, this becomes a challenging task with a negative effect on the hospital’s efficiency. Here are the results of a local hospital effectively implementing a customized electronic document management system (EDMS) with the help of Salumatics, which immediately saw an improvement in its…

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Digitization vs Digitalization – their differences and its implications

There has been a long-standing debate between the meanings and implications of digitization vs digitalization. These two words have often been misunderstood, misinterpreted and used interchangeably, despite being fundamentally different. Although they are closely associated, they are specialized and mean different things. Multiple definitions have been stated, especially for the term ‘Digitalization’, however, the exact…

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The Key Benefits of a Digital Business Transformation

What is Digital Business Transformation?  In order to remain competitive and not lose out on business opportunities, it is vital to keep up with the changes occurring in the industry that your business is established in. Every aspect of business, including technologies, customers and markets are changing every single day. These fast-paced changes are impossible…

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The Intangible Incentives of Document Conversion

Documents are an essential element for almost all businesses. However, managing all of these documents can be extremely challenging. For many businesses, a document conversion service that captures and retrieves paper and electronic documents can provide several key benefits. Some of these benefits may include reduced storage space, enhanced security, better collaboration, and easier retrieval.…

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What to Look for in a Record Storage Facility

As you may know, information is the most valuable asset to every single company, which means it’s crucial to manage that information effectively. Many companies have various documents, receipts, and important records that need to be stored. When a company has old files that must be kept, they can use a record storage facility to…

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Health Facilities Should Think About Secure Record Storage

Medical facilities and hospitals must stay up to date on the latest regulations for record management, meaning they must invest in secure record storage.  Security and the client’s personal information must be one of the facility’s top priorities. According to record retention regulations, practices must securely store records, shred documents to maintain confidentiality, securely destroy…

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Six Steps to a Digital Document Management System

Did you know, 55 per cent of organizations feel that their transformation to a digital document management system have saved them money and boosted productivity; 53 per cent say the digital document management system has improved information sharing and collaboration.  According to one AIIM journalist, digital document management system requires organizations to focus differently but in…

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Files That Should Be Kept at an Offsite Record Storage Facility

As many companies and people turn to digital documents to optimize their storage system, it’s a good idea to keep paper documents at an offsite record storage facility.  Digital records are beneficial for those filing, managing, and organizing a large amount of data. At the same time, it’s often necessary to use paper documents, making…

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How Does Digital Storage Work for Businesses?

Digital transformation has become a top priority for businesses in 2019. It’s also one of the biggest challenges a business can face. According to market research, 22% of all businesses continue to delay the process or refuse to make the change. Digital document storage is an essential component of modern business and shouldn’t be ignored…

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Enterprise Document Scanning for Law Firms

The use of paper documents and files by a legal professional is a necessity. Whether it be client information or various contracts, it helps them build and win cases. Enterprise Document Scanning offers the benefit of saved time, space and enhanced collaboration, among others, to law firms. Why law firms should switch to enterprise document…

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Reasons Why Law Firms Should Think About Commercial Document Scanning

When optimizing office floor space for law firms, it is beneficial for legal professionals to consider commercial document scanning. The benefits of switching to an electronic records management system include fewer lost files, easier access to information and documents, less wear-and-tear of archival documents, and an increase in office space for revenue-generating products. Commercial document…

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Ways To Cut Physical Document Storage Costs

Businesses need to invest in physical document storage services; however, many may be deterred after looking at the cost. At Salumatics, we believe that businesses shouldn’t have to pay extravagant rates for records management, which is why we offer many affordable packages. Even though we offer many affordable deals, there are still other ways to…

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Digitalization and its Benefits in Cutting Costs

A digital document management solution allows organizations to reduce or eliminate many of their current expenses. These expenses are usually related to creating, using, and storing a range of corporate documents. With the help of digitalization, you can now reduce these costs. Here are a number of costs that will be eliminated once your business decides…

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Salumatics Launches We-Cycle To Provide Cheaper Document Destruction Services

Salumatics Inc. proudly launches the We-Cycle program, a program that lets you recycle and make a difference. We offer heavily subsidized secure document destruction services and donate all proceeds to charity.  It’s more than just secure destruction. The We-Cycle program supports important causes such as funding cancer research, supporting mental health organizations and helping the environment. …

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What is the cost of shredding documents?

How much does it cost to shred documents?

Destroying business files when you no longer require them is an important aspect of document control and security. Commercial paper shredding companies allow you to dispose your paper waste in a compliant, safe and cost-effective way. They enable you to properly discard your files and documents without needing to own and operate a paper shredder.…

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EDMS Mississauga Company to Embark on Ride to Conquer Cancer

Salumatics Inc, an EDMS Mississauga company, is proud to announce that our team will be taking part in the Enbridge® Ride to Conquer Cancer®, a unique, two-day cycling event. The cycling event is set to take place from June 8 to 9, 2019. The EDMS Mississauga team will be journeying over 200 kilometres through Ontario…

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Digital Record Management Mississauga- How it Works in the Healthcare System

Digital records management in the healthcare system is inevitable. In About Digital Health’s interview, Dr. Charles Alessi, chief clinical officer at Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, states that there must be a single place for data as prevention becomes more critical and care is delivered through a variety of places by a variety of…

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How Does Document Shredding Promote Sustainability?

Does paper shredding have a positive impact on the environment? The answer is yes. Securely shredding documents is a concern for most business owners. However, not only does shredding protect your clients from identity theft, but it also reduces the organizations eco-footprint on the environment. According to The World Counts, 50% of commercial waste is…

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The Document Conversion Process

At Salumatics, we know that the document conversion process  allows businesses and organizations to securely access and manage their information. In fact, SaluVision removes any barrier to data accessibility while providing instant 24/7 access to critical information. All of this allows businesses to have a digital document management system that fits their needs.  Not only…

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Tips When Transitioning to Electronic Medical Records

The benefits of utilizing electronic medical records are seemingly endless. However, the transition can be a challenge. The first hurdle involves preparation, training, and implementation. Despite the work involved initially, research shows the benefits easily outweigh any drawbacks. It’s important to recognize each EMR software system is a unique entity. By identifying this, you allow…

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